Monday, June 20, 2005

I am bisexual and a lingerie fetish. I love all kinds of female underthing as long as it is sexy and not normally worn by males. I love the sight of bra underneath the semi transparent blouses worn by women on the streets, in offices, in shopping malls what else satisfying my eyes on the rows of assorment of bras at the womens section of shopping malls. That is just the bra. Well, I am not only a bra fetish. Lingeries, pantyhose, undies, g-strings, thongs, tops is also in my fetish list.

I wear them, parade in the privacy of my hotel room, take photo sessions and well, might end up with masturbation. Don't know if others like me do it the way I do it. I know there many closet crossdressers in the world and they dress in various female clothes to satisfy their crossdressing urge. I consider myself a crossdresser ( never mind if others don't). But being a crossdresser, I am not intending to be a female. NO!!!!, I still love my c**k.